gluplot – a glucose level plot app with annotations

I had a Freestyle Libre sensor, a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) useful for diabetic or pre-diabetic patients, which allows you to measure your glucose level through day and night for two weeks. Using an NFC-enabled smartphone, you can monitor the sensor values and then it automatically upload them to their web server LibreView .

The site gives you a very detailed results of the measurement. However, the resolution of the plot is not fine enough and the annotated texts are just aligned with 30-minutes intervals, thus making it harder to guess which foods and activities cause the glucose level changes.

Also, the unit of the measurement is mmol/L but I want it to be mg/dL. The setting somehow doesn’t allow me to change it – maybe my Google account still has my address in Canada. It looks like below.

A plot in the LibreView’s report

Their smartphone app also provides the daily plot which has better y-axis resolution but x-axis resolution is very low and the annotated texts are just not shown.

A plot with the smartphone app

Frustrated, I decided to create an app to satisfy all my needs as a weekend project.
Luckly, LibreView also provides a CSV file which contains all the information.

Here’s the plot of my app.


  • Javascript – it’s a simple web app. No server-side code.
  • Chart.js – a very flexible graph plot library with full control of how axes are drawn
  • chart-js-plugin-annotation – a plugin for Chart.js needed to display floating labels on the plot.
  • Bootstrap – just used it to make the buttons look nicer.

The app is running on gluplot. You can test with your CSV file if you have one.

Code in github.

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